Friday, October 29, 2010

Sarmada Soup

Anything is good with a martini! So Tonight for dinner, I made a variation of Tony's mother's Christmas dinner recipe. I do not know too many Greeks that make this dish. However, Tony grew up eating it and it is one of his favorites. Her recipe is tedious work because you have to roll ground pork into cabbage leaves and it takes a long time. Well, I somehow sidestepped that phase and came up with a delicious, easy, low cal dinner. It may not be for everyone. I think it may be an acquired taste. (My next door neighbor knocked on the door because he smelled it and thought we had a gas leak. - true story!)   Sorry, no pictures because we ate it so fast I forgot to take any. Plus, it is really not very pretty. Here is the recipe: Boil 1 head of cabbage in about 14 cups of water. Simmer for about an hour until the leaves are tender. Let the cabbage cool. Then, chop a large onion really fine and mix it with one pound of ground pork. Add kosher salt and pepper.  Make them into large meatballs and drop in the boiling water. Chop the cabbage, add a jar of drained sauerkraut (from refrigerated section) and top with paprika. Then, add the juice of two lemons and simmer for about two hours. I realize that it sounds terrible, but not only do we like it, it is almost calorie free. The only fattening part is the pork, and you really only eat about two meatballs. The rest is so filling.

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