Friday, September 9, 2016


If there was ever any one food that would bring me back to writing Patti's Plate, it would have to be watermelon. Not only is watermelon my favorite fruit, but it is full of nutrients, water and a lifetime of memories. Watermelon was and is a part of me. My recent craving of it has reminded me that it has been missing from my plate for a long, long time. As I take a bite of this sweet delicious fruit, I am reminded that much has been missing from my proverbial plate for some time. Let's see if I can get some of my sweet life back. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Today was a bittersweet day. I celebrated the birthday of the woman I work for, who was recently widowed. She wanted to go to the cemetery to bring flowers to her husband's grave. We spent a peaceful morning there, and then went to an early lunch. The solemness of the occasion slowed me down and eating became an afterthought of the day.  I learned something interesting about my eating. When I am anxious or rushed, I want to stuff my food down. When I am peaceful and relaxed it becomes much less about the food. (Although it was still really good.)

Friday, September 19, 2014


Last night I went out to dinner with good friends. I try to stay away from Mexican restaurants and Italian restaurants when dining out, because I find that I have less control surrounded by some of my favorite fattening foods. Our friends picked the restaurant which turned out to be Italian.  I made sure that I looked at the menu first online so that I would have an idea of what I could order and not be tempted at last minute. Surrounded by many delicious sounding pasta and pizza entrees, I found a steak salad on the menu. Before I even left home, I decided that's what I would choose. The salad was still probably more than I should have eaten for a weeknight, and it did have shredded cheese and lots of steak on it, but I still did better than everyone else at the table who opted for big plates of pasta. I left the table feeling more than satisfied and very happy with my choice. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I know I'm in bad shape when a random man at the gym comes up to me and tells me that I'm doing a good job. He then goes on to tell me that "weight loss is 90% what you are eating, not exercise at all." Gee, thank you kind stranger. I'm so glad I got my fat butt out of bed this morning to go to the gym at 6 am!
However, he is right. Exercise is obviously good for me, but several small low calorie meals throughout the day will help me continue to lose. I have not made food preparation a priority or a habit yet. Today I will make it a priority with the help of my new meal boxes. If I can make today a success, perhaps I can make a habit of it in the future.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Beet Cauliflower

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

(I promise to write more later.)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Filet and salad

Just a quick post: I don't want you to think I'm not working on getting skinny, but I have been very short on time the last couple of days. I haven't had enough time to dwell on my diet. However, I am definitely doing a good job of watching what I eat. I haven't been prepared enough to eat small meals throughout the day. I have skipped meals rather than eaten something fattening. That is not a healthy way to diet, and I am not suggesting you try this in your own homes, but it does show my determination to lose weight. I'm not eating enough calories, but the calories I do eat are enjoyable!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fish, spinach and peppers

I can hardly believe that the excitement of the last couple of weeks is over. It was a whirlwind of happiness. Now, it's back to the task of losing more weight. I am still determined to finally get down to my goal weight. I am more determined than ever to get thin. I have a new family to visit and enjoy. I need to make sure I stay healthy and fit for a long time. I haven't had the energy to get back to the gym yet, but I have gone back to my healthy eating!