Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ahh! Tuesday Relief!

OK!  So the scale was my friend today. After my horrendous weekend, I am three pounds lighter today. It is amazing how one day of good eating after a weekend of stuffing myself can turn everything around. Yesterday, I started my morning with a crisp apple, thinly sliced in several tasty little bites. Then, I followed it up with a WW chocolate one point smoothie. I no longer felt like the bloated slug that I did when I woke up. I also put my pedometer on and wore it all day. Although I never made it to 10000 steps, at least I was conscious that movement was on my side. I ate leftover sarmada soup for lunch and had a big green salad with slices of steak for dinner. It was delicious and it took me a long time to eat it. Tony ate the rest of the pizza and I was happy to see the last remnants of it leave our house. Yesterday was such a success, that I am starting my day like that again today. Wish me luck!

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