Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mrs. Renfro

I know I often talk about my crock pot, but I guess I just can't say enough about it. Today I was craving a steak. Since beginning my Nutritarian diet a couple of months ago, I have had red meat only once. I actually was going to post about it a couple of weeks ago, but I got distracted. Anyhow, I went to the store today to buy a steak for dinner tonight and I just could not get myself to buy it. The price was almost $20.00 a pound! Granted, I was shopping at Gelson's but even Costco is $12.99/lb. and you have to buy almost $60.00 worth! So, I came home with a package of chicken breasts. ....again. Just how many ways can you make chicken? One of my all time favorites is chicken breast fillets in the slow cooker. I rinse them and put them in the pot on low. A couple of hours later I add Mrs. Renfros green chili sauce. The ingredients are all natural, (no preservatives)  and there are only 5 calories per tablespoon. The chicken falls apart, and most of my family make tacos out of it. I took out a few pieces, added a half of a sweet potato and an arugala salad. Delicious!

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