Monday, November 5, 2012

The long version

There are some restaurants that are just easier to totally avoid rather than try and abstain from eating my favorite foods. Lucy's El Adobe Cafe is one of those restaurants. I have probably been going there for almost 50 years. It's my home away from home. I ate my first BBQ taco dinner there when I was about 9 years old and I have wanted to order it every single time I have gone back since. When my husband suggested that we take my mother there on Saturday night, I knew I would be in trouble. However, just because I have a weight problem, doesn't mean I should punish Tony for my lack of willpower. I agreed to go. I tried to make some changes from my usual El Adobe experience.  I didn't order the freshly made delicious guacamole. But, I did eat the hot, crunchy  tortilla chips. I couldn't pass up the incomparable quesadilla with mild peppers especially when my husband added jalapeƱos to it. Normally I would order the taco dinner, but I ordered a boiled bean tostado with a fresh (not fried) corn tortilla on the bottom. Who was I kidding? I just ate a bowl of chips!  Add the special Santiago margarita and my diet was totally gone. Now, maybe I would have had more willpower if I was going there more often. But, I haven't been there in over 3 months, and it was Saturday night, and well.....oh well.

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