Saturday, December 22, 2012

Amazing Grace

I've wanted to go back to writing Patti's Plate, but in light of the Newtown shooting, the inspiration just hasn't been there. Last night, I watched Anderson Cooper, and got my first glimmer of hope since December 14th. Anderson interviewed the parents of Grace McDonnell, one of the Sandy Hook victims. The love expressed by these two remarkable people gave me a sense of peace that has been evading me. The softness in the mother's voice, and beauty in her demeanor was almost surreal. They said that they plan to move forward in their lives to honor the memory of their daughter. I felt encouraged to do the same. Grace was a little girl, innocent and full of love and vitality. She was all about love and peace and even asked for a birthday cake with a pink and purple peace sign on her last birthday.
In memory of Grace and all of the victims of violence, I pray for peace this holiday season.

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