Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 7, Beck Solution

Lately I feel like I'm writing a restaurant blog instead of writing about weight loss. That's not good. I've been maintaining my weight with the better choices that I am making, but I think I'm ready to start losing again. It's probably stupid timing with the holiday season, but I can definitely try harder during the week.  Day 7 of the Beck Solution suggests that you change the tempting environment in your house. I need to rid my house of all fattening unhealthy items. This is definitely difficult with 4 other people living in my home, all of whom do NOT have a weight problem. Why should they suffer because I am overweight? Because we are talking about health, not just calories. I usually don't buy anything except healthy whole foods. The other night, Anne decided to make chocolate chip cookies. They have been calling to me every single night since. I am going to tell her tomorrow to take them to work, or they are going in the trash. They are definitely too much temptation.  As far as dinner goes, just another boring salad made it's way to Patti's plate.

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