Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Salad, yet again.

I'm very late in posting yesterday's entry. Let's see how many reasons I can come up with.
1) I couldn't bear to see Mom's picture not have top billing.
2) I ate another boring salad with grilled chicken for dinner.
3) I had nothing clever to say.
That's it, really. But, I have to tell you,  I was very happy when I got on the scale this morning. I am the lowest I have been in a long time. (No, don't expect a skinny person when you see me, just be happy that you haven't seen me in a while.) I have to admit, part of my success is eating boring meals. I know that salad with different veggies and a lean protein works for me. So, sometimes I will eat it over and over again. It doesn't make my blog very interesting, but it helps me lose weight.

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