Saturday, July 26, 2014


Saturday night is my "cheat" night. I still avoid Mexican food or pizza. But, I do allow myself dinner out with my husband.
He is so good about fending for himself all week, it's a night we both can look forward to. Before we went to the restaurant, I looked at the menu online to see what my best choice would be. I was debating between having an appetizer of ahi tuna as my entree or having calf's liver which I've never ordered in my life.  The closest thing to my eating liver in a restaurant was when I was a child and took a huge scoop of chopped liver off of a Vegas buffet thinking it was chocolate ice cream. (True story) Anyhow, prior to going out, I entered the liver in to my daily log (My Fitness Pal) along with spinach, a green salad, and a gin martini. ( I repeat, Saturday night) I was still under calories for the day, so I thought I was doing well. Here's where I made the mistake: I didn't say "no sauce." At least I didn't eat the mashed potatoes.
From the looks of the photo, I think I should have gone with the Ahi! As my mother would say, "I livered it up today!"


Unknown said...

Love it!!!

Anne said...

This was definitely a funny posting however that is NOT what I would have chosen on a cheat night (or any night for that matter).

Unknown said...

For sure, Anne! Patti, was it at least any good?!