Saturday, July 12, 2014


I went out for lunch again today! I was asked as a favor to go to a luncheon health conference by a pharmaceutical representative who I have known for a while. It took place at a steakhouse in downtown Los Angeles. I won't say the restaurant's name because the picture really does not do it justice. The food did not taste as bad as it looks. The first thing that was passed on the table was a big basket of hot bread. (My weakness) I didn't touch it. They served a small ceasar salad with fresh croutons, and I slid all of mine to the side of my plate and didn't touch them either. I had a choice of breaded fish, chicken Parmesan , or beef with a cherry sauce. I ordered the beef without the sauce. I was doing so well, I most certainly was not going to give in to temptation with dessert. They served one of my favorites, Creme brûlée. I immediately gave it to the nice lady sitting next to me. She was so appreciative, and I was proud of myself!
Ps. I did not touch the mashed potatoes either !

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