Saturday, November 20, 2010

Big Buns

I've let a few days pass since I have pondered my psychological issues regarding my eating. There is definitely a connection regarding my mental state and my choice of food.  When I am feeling tired, depressed and anxious I crave........everything. Everything except fruits and vegetables. Why? However, when I am feeling confident and energetic I make the right choices.  This is supposed to be a chronicle of my weight loss journey.  So far I've stayed about the same  weight since I started this blog 3 years ago.  I've lost, gained, lost again and unfortunately, as of late, I've gained again.  But at least I haven't lost all hope.  My original idea was to photograph my meals so it would be an easy way to track and journal the food I eat while losing weight. Instead, here I am proudly displaying my fresh baked hamburger buns. I need to get my priorities in order and figure out which buns I want to be proud of. Wish me luck.

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