Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I am a Nutritarian.

Good Morning.
After several months, I decided to log in today to reacquaint myself with my blog, my diet, and my past. The first thing I noticed is that I somehow lost a few postings from earlier this year. I am not sure why they disappeared or where they went, but oh well. I am not going to worry about lost entries when I really didn't show enough interest to keep up on my writing in the first place. Today is a new day and I am on a new eating journey. I am almost finished reading Dr. Fuhrman's book, Eat to Live. He basically believes in high nutrient based eating for health reasons, and if a person follows a diet like that they will naturally lose weight. It makes a lot of sense. So, I have decided to give it a try. I did a little bit of shopping yesterday at Whole Foods and bought a few products like Kale, apples, and almond butter. I was so weak from hunger that I cut the shopping short and went home and rested and decided to continue my shopping today. Unfortunately, my dryer broke and I have an appliance repair man coming today so I can not go out until he leaves. That gives me one more day of an excuse of not going full board into this plan. However, I did start my morning off with a crisp green apple and a bit of almond butter. At 2:00 pm Dr. Fuhrman will be on the Dr. Oz show. I already have the DVR ready to record.

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