Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 41

If you will notice, this is a horrible picture. I quickly took it not thinking I would really use it. But, I am going to be honest. This is what I ate tonight. I will lead you through the thought process that caused this culinary event. As I mentioned yesterday, I went to a family party. It was lots of fun, and enjoyable to visit with everyone. As we sat outside and talked, my blog and my new way of eating came up in conversation. Midway through the conversation with my brother, there was barely an innuendo that I may not be eating enough protein. Well, that was all I needed to start obsessing about it.  Today, I was weak, hungry and a little frightened that I may not be eating enough protein. Now, keep in mind, I have been doing this for 40 days, and feeling great. Still, that little whisper in my head kept telling me I may be doing something unhealthy. That was all I needed tonight to say, "forget the salad, let's order take out!"
I ordered a classic chicken burrito from Poquito Mas, (I know, I could have just added chicken to my salad)  and I felt like I was in heaven! I added a small amount of salad from Tony's order, and I felt totally satisfied. I won't be as excited as I usually am to get up in the morning, but going to sleep on a full stomach for a change will be worth it.


Yiayia Vicky said...

Poor Jim gets the blame. At least you have a scapegoat. I can only blame myself. My body sleeps better when I eat a regular meal. I can't seem to sleep when I diet and "they" say you need sleep to lose weight.

Pretty Patti said...

Haha. Yes. I blamed it on Jim. Also, sometimes I get up early and weigh myself. If I don't like what the scale says, I go back to sleep for another hour and try again. True story.