Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 40

I'm pretty tired tonight. It could be for several reasons. 1) I went out last night and got home much later than usual. 2) I went to a birthday party for my cute great nephew, Leo, and there were lots of kids in costume running around. (a couple without) 3) I ate watermelon for breakfast, Swiss chard soup (G-BOMBS) for lunch, and 3 grapes for a snack. By dinner time I was quite hungry and a little weak. Thank goodness my neighborhood Whole Foods store saved the day. I stopped by and made a large multi-veggie salad. I sprinkled a few seeds on it. When I got home I ate it accompanied by a large glass of water. I was too lazy to make my delicious oil-free dressing so I sprinkled balsamic instead and it was really a little boring. I may have to treat myself to something a little heartier tomorrow.


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