Friday, November 16, 2012

Advantage Response Card

Day 1 requires recognizing and writing down the reasons that I want to lose weight. I am supposed to keep an index card with those reasons with me at all times. I am to read it often enough so that I eventually learn to conquer any sabotaging thoughts that I may encounter. OK. I can do that. Tonight I really had to fight my demons.
1) But it's Friday....
2) Both Tony and I worked today.
3) The refrigerator is relatively bare.
4) Tony does not need to diet and he is perfectly happy being married to an overweight woman.
I quickly retrieve my Advantage Response Card. I read it. I read it again. I go to the freezer and I find one lonely package of frozen raviolis. Hmmmm. This may work. I show Tony and he actually gets excited. I will eat my chicken breast leftovers again. (No one else really liked them anyway, that's why there is still some left.) We will stay home this Friday night and make the best of it. The good news is that I have made it through my first day of the Beck diet. And, we were able to find an adequate dinner to stay home and enjoy a Friday night. And....Tony was even able to share "The Merry Widow" opera with me in his music room. And....I actually enjoyed it.



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