Thursday, November 29, 2012

7 Foods to Avoid

If I lost a pound for every dollar I've spent trying to lose weight, I'd be on the Dr. Phil show looking anorexic. Today I bought another book. "The Virgin Diet" by nutritionist, JJ Virgin. She claims that most people with an obesity problem suffer from food intolerance. It is similar to a food allergy, but not as severe. You slowly suffer from the ill effects of certain foods without really noticing. She advises giving up 7 of the highly intolerant foods for 21 days, and see if you notice a difference. If you do have an intolerance, you will not only feel much better, but lose weight as well. You are probably wondering which 7 foods are the culprits. Here is the list: soy, sugar, (including artificial sweeteners), eggs, corn, dairy, peanuts, and gluten.
I can pretty easily give up most things on this list. The hardest item to avoid is gluten. It is hidden in so many things, and it is not actually listed on the ingredient labels. I know not to eat breads unless it is labeled gluten free. But gluten hides in so many products - even ketchup and white pepper!
We'll see if I can manage this one. As far as today goes, I have succeeded. I made a chicken soup for lunch, and salad with grilled chicken for dinner. It was a bit boring, but I finished day 1.
The new behavior introduced on Day 3 of the Beck Diet says you must eat sitting down. That is an easy one for me. I am a diner not a grazer.  

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