Saturday, November 3, 2012


I don't mean to overwhelm you with pictures, but, really? Last night I ate dinner at the home of my good friend, Lynn. Lynn is the type of person who over thirty years ago, introduced me to Iranian caviar. She had all of the accompaniments to go with it perfectly displayed. It was beautiful and delicious and something I will never forget. I tell you this to warn you; I knew what I was getting into last night. I didn't think I was going over and asking her for celery and carrot sticks. I was totally prepared to splurge, and splurge I did. We started off with a chilled Hendrick's martini, served in our own stainless steel ice cold mixer. Then, we sat in the den to "catch up" while snacking on duck pâté, creamy foghorn cheese, crispy fruit infused crackers, and olives that I thought were fake. (So shiny and beautiful) This ex- Nutritarian was in heaven! We moved into the kitchen where dimly lit candles twinkled and the smell of roasted chicken permeated the room. I don't remember when I enjoyed a meal more. Lynn instinctively knows that attention to the smallest details really makes an evening. I so appreciate everything she did for me. (She has always been an expert at caring for others.)
 Thank you, Lynn. Patti's plate has never looked so good!

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