Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Dinner

Today, my daughter texted me when I was on my way to church and informed me that tonight we are having family dinner at 6pm at our house. Family dinners are what we used to do for years every single night. Even when the kids were involved in sports, plays and orchestra recitals, we almost always managed to sit down together in the dining room and have a lively dinner. That all came to a pretty abrupt end when Anne left for college. Sure we would still have family dinner now and then, but the boys were often busy and slowly it became just my husband and I eating dinner in front of the TV. Recently, we somehow have managed to have a full house again. Family dinner is still pretty much a thing of the past or resurrected on a holiday or special occasion celebration. I miss it, and to be honest I think our family misses it too whether or not they realize it. So this afternoon, when deciding what to make for dinner, I settled upon a family favorite, "spaghetti in a pot". It is definitely not diet friendly, but it is a traditional comfort food that I know everyone likes. I'm making a choice again. It's only one meal and I will continue my diet tomorrow. To be honest, I am going to add a salad and I may just have a small enough portion of spaghetti that I will be fine anyhow.  The important thing to me is I will have my family around me, eating a meal that I have lovingly prepared. I just miss Ted.

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