Monday, November 12, 2012


It's sort of hard to keep this blog new and interesting. It's obviously just as hard to keep my diet new and interesting. I need to find a way to jazz things up a bit. When I was a Nutritarian, I was on an actual plan, and it was pretty easy. I think I have given myself too much freedom. I need to find a new plan to share. I should be showing you a picture of some great low calorie dish that is worthy of Patti's plate.  But, I will be honest with you. Most nights are really difficult to keep low calorie and exciting. Take tonight for instance.  My husband worked most of the day from home, and then we went to an afternoon movie.  When we got out, we tried to decide what to eat for dinner.  We had leftovers from the last few days, so I knew we had food to eat. He had the fattening spaghetti, and I made another boring salad with the same old chicken I had a few days ago. I was too lazy to add colorful vegetables to my salad, so my green salad and the green chili chicken look the same. I need inspiration.

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