Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shrimp and Feta

I know I am behind in my blog posts, (that could be a topic on its own)  but I will share with you last night's dinner. Shrimp is very low calorie and I usually eat it just to be good on my diet, and not because I enjoy it so much. However, last night I made it in a way that I remember eating it when I was young and had traveled to Greece. I especially remember going to a taverna called "The Pig and the Whistle." I would get Garides me Feta every time and I adored it. Last night I made it and it was so good. I only ate 4 shrimp so I was still physically hungry, but the emotional eater in me was totally satisfied.  I sautéed shrimp in garlic, parsley, oregano, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper. (Ok, and just a tad of butter.) I put them in a baking dish. then I added Vermouth and chopped tomatoes to my pan. I cooked it a few minutes till the liquid reduced, and poured it on the shrimp. Finally, I crumbled French feta on top and baked it for 20 minutes. Since this was all that I ate, I definitely stayed within a minimum of calories. It just felt like I was splurging.

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