Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

What hope a new year brings!
Hopefully this year is the year my finances improve, my children all find "their way", I learn to be a better friend, and I lose my weight for good. If all that happens, I promise to have a much more exciting celebration report for New Year's Eve, 2013. As for New Year's Eve, 2012, well, let's just say I did wake up at 11:56 to watch the ball drop again on CNN.  Tony and I sat on the couch under our beloved blankets and spent the evening much like most other nights. I mentally prepared for a higher calorie dinner, but am proud to say that by staying home, I was able to make up for the overeating from the night before. I made a Greek egg lemon meatball soup. It was something a little more labor intensive than my usual weeknight dinner, (I had to roll the meatballs), but there was no frying involved, (they simmer in chicken broth). I was satisfied that it was light enough for Patti's plate, but special enough for Tony's tummy.  Happy, healthy, New Year to all.

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