Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Today I made a Vasilopita. (a Greek cake like bread traditionally made on January 1st.) Most years I make it with yeast, but this year I made it more like a cake using baking powder.  It is usually decorated with powdered sugar, blanched almonds, or sesame seeds,  but due to lack of ingredients,  I made a very plain one. The most important feature is a coin placed in the dough. I certainly did not leave that out. When the bread is sliced, the person who receives the coin is supposed to have good luck all year. We had friends stop by when we were cutting it. The good luck coin went to my wonderful friend, Vicki. I don't know many people who deserve good luck more than she does. I ate a slice and finished my last day of "splurging". It's back to healthy eating on Patti's Plate.

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