Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tilapia, after photo

I took one look at last night’s post and had to laugh. That is the worst looking dinner I have ever seen. I was desperately trying to get the day over. That is really not a good way to live. Today I don’t have to work, so I have more time to prepare.  I do love the idea of Tilapia and asparagus for dinner. My friend, (shout out to Ailin, who just competed at the Muscle Beach body building competition) is great at giving me ideas for weight loss. She is the one who introduced me to the protein pancake. She also told me to eat several small meals of protein and vegetables throughout the day. Tilapia and asparagus is her mainstay when competing. I need to practice cooking it so that it doesn’t look like it did in yesterday’s picture.  I also need to start eating more throughout the day. It will help my metabolism and also give me more energy. Speaking of energy, I dragged my body out of bed this morning and went to the gym again! Today’s photo is what Ailin’s Tilapia meals look like. Notice how hers look straight, tall and thin, and mine looks short, fat and thrown together?

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