Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 39

 I had every intention of being the dutiful daughter to my 90 year mother. My sister, who lives with my Mom is in New York visiting her daughter. Mom loves to go out, so I was planning to be her escort for the evening. Unfortunately, the battery in my car died. After work, I had to call AAA and get a jump start. By the way, they are great and worth every penny. Anyhow, I got my car home, but I still need a new battery. All of that is besides the point. Long story short: I had no car, my husband is out of town, and my daughter got home relatively early. Anne had plans to go out, and she asked me to go with her. We went to Hollywood to listen to Anne's friend sing an amazing repertoire of songs. Taylor Greenwood will definitely be famous one day. We arrived a little early and walked  a few blocks to Mousso Franks. I looked at the menu, I was starving, and I couldn't imagine eating a salad without dressing. So, instead I chose the lobster cocktail appetizer. It felt like a splurge, but calorie wise it wasn't! I didn't have many nutrients, but I didn't have many calories either.   And...I didn't feel at all deprived.

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Anonymous said...

Was that your door decorations? I love your front door Halloween decor...and I am so happy you didn't eat any candy but I did with my grandkids --- I went into their bags and grabbed the M & M's BAD!!! Keep on truckin'