Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Patti's Protein Pancake

Patti's power pancake, Patti's perfect pancake, you name it.....I can't say enough! 
A delicious healthy pancake ended up on Patti's plate this morning, and I am ecstatic! My friend is a body builder who is very tiny except when flexing her muscles. She is always giving me weight loss suggestions, but as anyone can see by taking a look at me, I seldom follow them. Well, this morning I did, and I couldn't be happier! This is so easy, so filling and so good. I ate it and feel ready to take on not only the day, but the entire week!

Add to blender 1/2 of a banana, 3 egg whites, and 1/2 of a cup of instant organic oatmeal. Mix and pour batter onto a coconut oil sprayed non stick pan. Cook on both sides and you are done! You can add a light coating of natural peanut or almond butter on top. I'm serious. This is the best!

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