Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Emotional Eating

I have learned two things about myself during this whole weight loss process.

1)      I am an "emotional eater".

2)       I am very emotional.

Basically what this translates to is……… I have fallen off of the wagon.  (Rolled off, if you will.)  I let good times, bad times and any time interfere with my weight loss goals.

When celebrating happy events, it’s hard not to combine the celebration with food and drink. During sad or stressful times, I mindlessly eat.  I use the excuse that I deserve some bit of happiness.  Often, during those times, I just don’t care anymore.  This is not to say that being thin is an impossible task for me. It’s just taking longer than I had hoped.  I need to recommit. I will get my weight loss books out again and move forward. By the way, my dear husband made this delicious spaghetti for me. How could I hurt his feelings and not eat it?


Thursday, January 17, 2013


I have owned a mandoline slicer for about 5 years. I tried to use it when I first got it, but I couldn't figure it out and then I forgot about it. The other night when Lynn made the beautiful radish appetizer using her mandoline it reminded me to try using it again. I spent about an hour last night trying to put it together. I gave up and went to bed. Throughout the night I kept thinking of different ways to put it together. Finally, this morning I tried it again. Voila! Success! I started slicing all sorts of fruits and vegetables. They taste different when sliced thinner. I'm excited because it is making me want to find new ways to eat my vegetables. Here is a picture of my mid morning snack. Radish salad with a hint of aged balsamic vinegar.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chicken Soup

I attempted to resurrect the chicken soup this morning. I skinned the chicken, removed the bones, added a carton of chicken broth, sliced carrots, onion, parsley, celery, and more spices to the slow cooker. I thought for sure that I was going to come home to a great meal. I didn't. It looked like a big pot of watered down broth. I then added two passilla peppers. Unfortunately, this didn't help much. I called cousin Costa in Charleston  for advice. After a few politically incorrect Democratic jokes, I was no closer to dinner than before. He suggested corn starch as a thickener, but I decided to try to salvage it on my own. In a  separate  pot I added orzo, with a teaspoon of butter. After I browned it, I added a small can of V-8 juice.  When it softened I added it to the soup. The last words from Tony, before he fell asleep, after eating 3 bowls of soup was, " that was the best soup I have ever had."

Roast beef and Arugala

Yesterday I started the day with the intention of creating a low fat chicken soup for dinner. I put a couple of chicken breasts with bones in a pot of water. I added carrots, celery, onion and spices. I simmered it all day. At about 4 in the afternoon, I realized it wasn't going to pass the test with Tony. It looked like a light chicken broth  that should be served to a convict on death row, not a hard working husband. I quickly went to Whole Foods and bought a couple of delicious sandwiches. I decided to postpone the chicken soup for another day.

Watermelon Radish

Part of me feels like I would have more fun making this into a food blog rather than a weight loss blog. The pictures would be so much more exciting. For example, Saturday night, I ate dinner at my friend's house. The dinner was so spectacular, I not only forgot about my diet, I forgot to take pictures. Thank goodness, I remembered to have my camera out for the first appetizer. It was as beautiful as it was delicious! The watermelon radish canape was followed by a Korean pork  homemade dumpling, blue cheese wedge salad, and roasted duck that was beyond description. My culinary self esteem flew out the window, and I was ready to sign up for professional cooking classes.  Even without the excellent food, the ambiance of the presentation was beyond compare. Flickering candles were everywhere! I aspire to be that kind of hostess! Fattening food is so much more fun than a salad. (especially a salad with dressing on the side.)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shrimp and Feta

I know I am behind in my blog posts, (that could be a topic on its own)  but I will share with you last night's dinner. Shrimp is very low calorie and I usually eat it just to be good on my diet, and not because I enjoy it so much. However, last night I made it in a way that I remember eating it when I was young and had traveled to Greece. I especially remember going to a taverna called "The Pig and the Whistle." I would get Garides me Feta every time and I adored it. Last night I made it and it was so good. I only ate 4 shrimp so I was still physically hungry, but the emotional eater in me was totally satisfied.  I sautéed shrimp in garlic, parsley, oregano, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper. (Ok, and just a tad of butter.) I put them in a baking dish. then I added Vermouth and chopped tomatoes to my pan. I cooked it a few minutes till the liquid reduced, and poured it on the shrimp. Finally, I crumbled French feta on top and baked it for 20 minutes. Since this was all that I ate, I definitely stayed within a minimum of calories. It just felt like I was splurging.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getting back to my diet was not too hard today. I didn't grocery shop yet, but I had enough things in my refrigerator to have a successful day. I snacked on celery and cucumbers throughout the day.  I had an egg for breakfast, half of a turkey sandwich for lunch, and a big salad for dinner. I also drank a lot of water and tea. It feels good to get back to being on a more structured schedule. Tomorrow I'll make a trip to the grocery store and and get back to reading the Beck Diet Solution.